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From 2009 to 2019 I was working in the south of Germany, first as a Post Doc, afterwards I moved to the analytical industry. Beforehand I did my PhD studies at the University of Hanover. Science was fun and still is, but during my Post Doc period, I got frustrated about funding systems. Too many projects that were designed extremely broad, too much political influence on funding as well as obsessive publishing of moderate studies disagree with my scientific expectation. Besides that I want to live in a stable professional environment without scientific nomadism from doctorate to an unlikely permanent position.
Since mid of 2019 I am based near Hanover, still working for my employer in the South.
In my present position, I am responsible for a team of analytical specialists which is working in a good balance between scientific and industrial demanding tasks. Our activities cover mostly sales support in the EMEA region, but also development and marketing support. Challenging tasks occur on a daily basis and require open and clear discussions to close projects successfully. Coordinating application tasks belongs to my duties as well.
Besides my professional life, my interests concentrate on my roots, history of Germany's coastal regions, Scandinavia, photography, geology and playing my guitar. I am investing an increased amount of time on the use of modern web technologies and their influence on the society.
Honorary, I am organizing the website of the lighthouse Kleiner Preuße.


Dr. Jan Stelling
Mühlenkampstraße 29a
D-31515 Wunstorf



Leibniz University of Hanover

Dr. rer. nat. in Earth Sciences July 2009

"Diffusion, Speciation and Solubility of Sulphur in Silicate Melts"
Scientific project with focus on experimental and analytical applications. Investigations concentrated on the properties of different Sulphur speciations from Sulphide (S2-) to Sulphate (S6+) in simple silicate melts (e.g. NS3 or NCS).

Leibniz University of Hanover

Diploma Studies in Earth Sciences October 2005

Studies in Earth Sciences with focus on experimental petrology and material sciences. Title of the thesis: "Solubility of H2O-Cl-bearing fluids in basaltic melt of Mt. Etna (Eruption July – August 2001)"

Seeparkschule (Debstedt)

Civil Service October 1999 - August 2000

Gymnasium Wesermünde (Bremerhaven)

Abitur (high school graduation) July 1999


Bruker AXS GmbH (Karlsruhe)

Global Application Coordinator Elemental Analysis since February 2018

Head of Application XRF EMEA September 2015 - January 2018

Head of Application Team XRF Karlsruhe January 2014 - August 2015

Application Scientist XRF January 2012 - December 2013

Project work as XRF application engineer to support sales, strong interaction and collaboration with product management and development, as well as sales and service. Part of activities are measurement projects, product presentations as well as hardware and software testing. Global coordination of application activities in Elemental Analysis (XRF, OES, CGA).

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Post Doc August 2009 - December 2011

Institute of Geochemistry and Mineralogy (AGW)
Experimental and analytical studies as well as coordination of the ReCaWa joint project within the GEOTECHNOLOGIEN initiative of DFG & BMBF.

Leibniz University of Hanover

PhD student October 2005 - July 2009

Institute of Mineralogy
Experimental and analytical studies with focus on experimentalpetrologie (high temperature/high pressure), several beamline activities and cooperation abroad (e.g. ESRF Grenoble, University of Bristol, ANKA Karlsruhe), interdisciplinary studies with colleagues from Potsdam and Clausthal-Zellerfeld.


Within my scientifc and project activities, I was able to acquire and emphasize some skills.

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  • Silicate Glasses & Melts
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